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Augies deLago

Our mother, Lili, had ownership interests in each of the 3 places above.  
The "A" was the future Augies DeLago.
Lili always wanted to be where the action was.  Augie's DeLago not only was the center of excitement, but also the gathering place for all relatives in New Orleans and for those from out of town who came to visit.  Everyone craved Lili's "Rodriguez Tamales."

Almost every Saturday and or Sunday, I would maneuver my 18 foot Boston Whaler across the lake from my house in Metairie to moor at the respendent DeLago boat deck.

     As seen below, Augie's DeLago also bore the sign at its top deck as a remembrance for the Pontchartrain Plaza owned by Gus Werner that later became the Bounty which was two places further along the seawall.  
     Originally, Fitzgerald was a partner in the Pontchartrain Plaza gambling pavilion, but sold out to Gus Werner and built his second restaurant to replace the first that was demolished by the 1947 Hurricane.
Because the treated pilings eventually deteriorated, Fitzgerald was the first to reenforce them with strong coats of cement. (later purchased by Al Jaeger)
The building behind with the Pontchartrain Plaza sign on it was Augie's DeLago.

Fitzgerald's -- boarded up for a hurricane but still was battered by the waves.

Remains of Fitzgerald's (last owner - Al Jaeger) cement pilings after Katrina
with Augie's DeLago wooden pilings peeking above the surf in the rear.

Rows of pilings after pilings --- formerly 8 building sites.

West End Park in the 1950's showing some of the businesses facing the park.  West End Park is in Orleans Parish, but the buildings that were built over the lake were in Jefferson Parish.
(This photo is credited to John DeMajo)

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