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Fat City Movie
     I grew up in Metairie by Grace King High School on Neyrey in the 60s and 70s and spent a lot of high school drinking time at bars in Fat City (I graduated from Rummel.)  I wrote a screenplay based loosely on my real life events in Fat City and was recently disappointed to see the place is pretty much a shambles since the last time I visited 2 years ago.

     I noticed a few clubs not (listed) on the (Places) page...Showboat wasn't on there (live bands) it had a big brightly lit paddleboat facade...first nightclub I got into when I was 14 y.o. with my high school i.d. and a fake birthdate typed on it....the id checker smeared the birthdate when he handed it back to me and the bartender inside wouldn't serve me because the birthdate was smeared, but I sat at the tables with my friends, it was on Hessmer/18th street across from Night Fever (another missing one) it had a dance floor like Saturday Night Fever...Kalebs was on 18th street across from the Playboy Club....Kalebs had a couple bars within its revolving gates, and the Huki Lau which was a polynesian bar/restaurant with a lava rock facade and indoor water streams and waterfall that burned down up the street towards Veterans Highway on Hessmer.... P.O.E.T.S. on N.Arnoult near Breaux Mart, was a restaurant of the T.G.I.F. variety until 9 pm and then night club and dance floor until the wee was underneath Boyer Coe's Health became another club later on.

     I was hoping to use some of the original bars "Kalebs" and "Ski Lodge" in my movie, but had to resort to clubs in Pasadena and Huntington Beach, California. The movie is more about 1979 teenagers growing up around the Fat City area when the drinking age was 18 and liberally enforced, rather than about any specific bars.  I did shoot a lot of New Orleans footage that is cut in as "B" roll, but alas the actual Fat City buildings didn't make it.
I just finished the feature film in December and it is now going to film festivals and being reviewed by distributors.  Even though the film is not focused on specific bars, I think the energy and feeling of growing up as a teenager in 1970s Fat City will come across.  While the clubs and people of Fat City are gone, I hope the film will immortalize the location and events that were common in the 70s generation.
     Thanks for the posts and keep an eye out for the movie next year.  I think it will give a new interest in Fat City.

Dr. Stephen Mouton, M.B.A.,  Executive Producer
Mouton Productions Ltd,  Pasadena, CA 91103
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