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Fat City Places
Fat City Places
Back Door (Division St across from Norgate was first in the area)
Act IV (Mel Pado, Ski Lodge
Guzzo's 1967 by Augie and Johnny Guzzo(Crazy Johnnie’s)
Que Pasa –  3201 Edenborn Ave, Metairie, LA.
Don Quixote – Joe Anzelmo – 1971
Sancho Panza  – Joe Anzelmo and Joe Peters – 1972
Court Jester (Roy and Vic LaRocca)
Bobby Magee's, Molly Maguire's, (Glen Newell and Larry Dantoni), Chehardy’s, Salvatore's,
Renata’s – Renata and Mike Zuppardo
Maribel – Aleesha, Ben Going
Vito’s Speakeasy
Studebaker (Full Smorgasbord of hot foods with a hot dance floor) (Melvyn Dewey)
Godfather and Southside (Pecker and Sonny Vincent)
Peppermill – Joe Riccobono
The Place Across the Street (1973-74) First to introduce international celebrity bands and singers
Playboy Club, Crystal Palace (Zuppardo)
Spanish Galleon (Zuppardo)
Crazy Johnnie’s (1987)
Chehardy, Chehardy's, and many more Chehardies and a Mr. C
Impostato's – Joe (1979)
Blue Note, Sweet's Again
Ship's Wheel – Dr. Martin, later Mickey Martin
Wine Cellar – Johnny Mansueto
Golden Coin – Bobby Catalanoto
Quarter Note – Joe Riccobono
Pumping Station – Bill Perrin
Mr. Ed's – Eddie Powers

Showboat -- (live bands)  big brightly lit paddleboat facade...on Hessmer/18th street across from Night Fever
Night Fever -- had a dance floor like Saturday Night Fever...
Kalebs -- was on 18th street across from the Playboy Club....Kalebs had a couple bars within
Huki Lau -- which was a polynesian bar/restaurant with a lava rock facade and indoor water streams and waterfall on Hessmer
P.O.E.T.S. -- on N.Arnoult near Breaux Mart, was a restaurant of the T.G.I.F. variety until 9 pm and then night club and dance floor until the wee hours

Hi Dan, I lived in Fat City in 1975,
 I was only 15 years old but I had some of the greatest times of my life,I lived behind the Playboy Club at the Villa de Orleans apartments with my Mom & step father, I worked at a restaurant & bar called Gullivers in the day, And at night I worked at Dillingers across the street from the Huki Lau, It later became the Melting Pot, Where I met a lot great musicians, Like Charlie Cuccia of T.Q. & the Topcats,I rodied for them in my spare time to get extra money & drugs, I got into many of the local bars like Que Pasa, Kalebs, Vito’s Speakeasy, The Show Boat Lounge, with a fake I.D., I moved back to St. Augustine Fl. In 1977 where I still Live & work, but I will never forget the fabulous times I had in Fat City,
 Thank’s for bringing back those wonderful memories. Sincerely, Patrick A. Timoney