New Orleans

Do you know what it means ó
To miss New Orleeens?
     I certainly do!
I know what it means to miss New Orleans!  
But, for some good reason, of which I am not certain, --- Really, I just donít miss it ---  Not as it  IS ó but I do miss it --- as it WAS!

     There are many slants to New Orleans.  It is an old city by comparison to other places in the United States.  Its origination was with the French and then the Spanish before Andy Jackson beat the wails out of the British in the Battle of New Orleans 1815.
     For anyone having lived in New Orleans for even a short time, after leaving, they develop a nostalgia to return if only for a visit.  I lived there all my life until I gave it up in 1995.  
     I still have a lot of family living there and in the surrounding areas.  Even though I have little yearning to return, or visit, I do have a strong nostalgia and remembrance for how it WAS.
     Of the many slants to New Orleans, the one I like best is "The City that Care Forgot"  The excitement and entertainment charm that existed until the 1980s will be long missed and never forgotten.
     Visit each page above to enjoy what once was my life time. (and possibly yours!)  Savor it with passion!

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