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Mardi Gras

     Mardi Gras was strictly Canal Street when I was a kid --- and when I grew up --- it was still Canal Street.  At least that's the way it was until I no longer had to worry about taking the kiddies to see the parades.  Then, after Zulu and Rex paraded on Canal Street, my lady and I would hit Bourbon and Royal streets.
      We did Brunch at Brennans for about ten straight Mardi Gras seasons.  The two fun tables of eight to ten seated, were ours, and all the local celebrities who would sit around Chris Owens.  A third table cropped up with the Gay Blades who also joined in the merriment.  We would all hang in until Pete Fountain's Walkin Club tromped through and that was our Finale.  It was time to hit the streets again!  
     We always tipped well to assure getting the table arrangement each year without having to wait in the long line outside.  Besides --- the Milk Punches and the Bloody Marys were Great!  The Food was out of this world!  and the Service was naturally stupendous!

--- Below is Canal Street in 1900.

Images duBoef in 1930, Comus in 1933, and Proteous below in 1889 and 1925

     It wasn't until 1970, that my lady and I decided to catch the Zulu Boat Parade.  We started our mornings with Bloody Marys at 4:00 a.m.  We were good and soused by the time we got to Brennan's.  

 Above is the "Rex Water Parade" of 1900 and its landing at the Canal Ferry Station in 1906.
Below shows old City Hall, now Gallier Hall with 1907 King's Toast.

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