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Warren Easton
     In 1911 the school board bought property for a new school and construction began.  After much discussion, the new building was named for Warren Easton, the city's and state's first Supervisor of Education.  However, it was known as "Boy's High" for many years.
      Principal Francis Gregory and the entire faculty moved into new quarters at 3019 Canal Street which opened the school year on Sept. 22, 1913.
     The school has changed in response to the times, becoming co-ed in 1952, integrating in 1967, and becoming a fundamental magnet school in 1977.

     I attended Warren Easton Boys High School for just a half year in 1943 as a Freshman before going on to finish highschool at Rugby Academy.
     There were a few boys that I befriended while there, mostly Peter Ascani comes to mind because he use to try to teach me to "High Jump" which was his special skill in which he excelled.  
I came back to Warren Easton as a history teacher for three years.  Pete Garland was principal and a few teachers I recall, were Coach Athis "the Greek,"  Al Bostick (who buddied with me since he had gone to Southeastern Louisiana College also), and Jimmy Dean, previously from Rugby Academy, was the Assistant Principal.
     My students all liked me.  I had a knack of coaxing them to like history without putting a strain on their having to memorize.  I taught them that history was just a bunch of short stories.  And they just needed to know what story came first and not to worry about the dates.
     I was just a few years older than they were and enjoyed offering extra curricular activity.  I started a Fencing Class, a Chess Class, and also one year produced a schooll fund-raising event that included dancing and skits and various performances that included teachers as well as students.  I had one core group of students that I taught several dance Choreographs.  They did the Tango, Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha-Cha, and Jitter Bug in unison.  The event was billed as "HellzAPoppin" and was a mixture of being a Dance Review and Talent Show with skits thrown in.  The two-night fling brought in packed houses and some needed school funds.  I was in solid with the Principal after that.
     During two of the years that I was there, since I was working on my Master's Degree at Loyola University, I was asked to peform as a Supervisor of Student Teachers.  The first student was much older than me.  He was John Curtis who started the John Curtis School in Jefferson Parish.
     The second student, closer to my age, was M.J. Montgomery who became the Director for Ridgewood School in Jefferson Parish.
7;30 TO 10;30 PM
     During my first year of teaching at Easton, who should walk into my class, but one of my brothers about ten years younger than me.  I simply pointed to the door and out he walked looking for another class to enroll in.  That was Ed Werner who invited me to three of his Easton class reunions, the last one being Saturday, June 6, 2009.

50th reunion
Louis Gentry
Warren Easton classmates Where Are You?
We need names and addresses to mail announcements for our 50th
Reunion tentatively for June 6 2009.
     I enjoyed this last Easton Class Reunion quite a bit, but I'm sure this group won't be having too many more.  They are getting quite OLD !
     Congratulations to Lou Gentry!

As a Katrina Survivor, I am quite proud of those persons who went out of their way to enable good things to happen.  I saw it in Pass Chistian, and I see it here in Eureka Springs.  A nice Tribute was given to Sandra Bullock for her efforts in New Orleans, and I'm pleased to post that information on this page.

Sandra Bullock Honored By Warren Easton For Katrina Charity

 May 16th, 2009
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Actress Sandra Bullock was inducted Friday into a New Orleans high school's "Hall of Fame" after donating tens of thousands toward rebuilding the public school heavily flooded by Hurricane Katrina  in 2005.
     Bullock took the auditorium stage at Warren Easton High School to a standing ovation from about 300 people.  She said she couldn't take all the credit for renovations after the school suffered $4 million in damages from nearly 10 feet of floodwater from the storm.  "I just write the checks," the actress said, adding she "rides the coattails of people who do amazing things."
     Bullock's portrait - drawn in crayon by her 5-year-old stepdaughter Sunny - was added to a school hallway alongside dozens of portraits of alumni who went on to become famous musicians, sports stars, judges and doctors.  The exact amount of her donation hasn't been made public.  But Bullock called it "the best investment I ever made."
     In an interview, Bullock said she was "embarrassed" by the federal government's slow response after Katrina and felt compelled to help however she could.  Her donation helped fund scholarships, new band uniforms and renovations of the school auditorium.  She said providing for new band uniforms was important because of New Orleans' rich music history.  School graduates include jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain, also in the hall of fame.  "It's not just reading, writing and arithmetic," she said. "Where's the joy in life?  In New Orleans, it's in music."
     Bullock has visited the school many times since Katrina.  Warren Easton, (today, is) a predominantly black inner city school, (which) dates its origins to 1844 as one of Louisiana's oldest public schools.

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